Are you looking for a place to live? There are many residental areas to choose from whether you prefer to live centrally or in a rural setting. The Egersund region offers favorable housing prices compared to larger cities.


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In Egersund, there are numerous options whether you want to buy a new plot of land or take over an older house. Egersund’s center and surrounding areas primarily consist of houses from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the areas around the center, several new residential areas have been developed with modern and traditional detached houses, townhouses, and apartments of various sizes. Egersund offers a wide range of homes for sale in different price ranges.

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The municipality of Lund and the urban settlement of Moi are located between Stavanger and Kristiansand. Both the E39 highway and the Sørlandet Line railway pass through the municipality. There is easy access to fantastic nature experiences all year round throughout the area.

Most of Lund’s population resides in Moi. Hovsherad and Heskestad have elementary schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, and shops. Everywhere, there is easy access to fantastic nature experiences all year round.

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Sokndal is the southernmost municipality in Rogaland and shares borders with Agder. The municipality is bordered by Eigersund to the west, Lund municipality to the north and east, and Flekkefjord to the southeast.

Most of the population resides in the municipality’s only urban settlement, Hauge i Dalane, which also includes the coastal settlements of Sogndalstrand and Rekefjord. People can also settle along the coastline (such as Åna-Sira, Jøssingfjord, and Nesvåg) and in some of the inland valleys.

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Bjerkreim borders Gjesdal to the north, Sirdal in Vest-Agder to the east, Eigersund to the south, and Hå and Time to the west.

Settlements are located in the areas along the Bjerkreim River in the southern parts of the municipality. Here, you’ll find Vikeså by Lake Svelavatnet, and the church site of Bjerkreim with urban development where the rivers Oreåna (Ørsdalsåna) and Bjerkreimsåna meet.

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