Residential Areas in Lund

In the southeast of the Egersund region lies Lund municipality. Many residents of Lund live in Moi, or in the villages of Hovsherad and Heskestad. Here, there is easy access to nature experiences year-round!


Lund municipality and the urban settlement of Moi are situated between Stavanger and Kristiansand. Both the E39 highway and the Sørland Line railway pass through the municipality.

Lund municipality is a charming, small community with a fantastic location for nature enthusiasts. Most of Lund’s population resides in Moi, which has primary and secondary schools, a kindergarten, a church, and sports facilities for indoor and outdoor activities. Hovsherad and Heskestad also have primary schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, and a shop.

Photo: Lise Moen

If you enjoy skiing, Sætra is just a few minutes away with good snow conditions when temperatures allow. There’s a 2.5 km illuminated cross-country ski trail groomed for both classic and skate skiing. Longer trails extend into beautiful hiking terrain towards Sandstøl. The trail grooming is managed by Moi IL. It’s also not far to the nearest ski slope, Bjørnestad Ski Center, which is about a half-hour drive from Moi. The ski resort is located in the neighboring municipality of Sirdal.

Industry is the primary economic sector in Lund, accounting for nearly 40% of the jobs in the municipality, including construction, power supply, and waste management. Timber and woodworking industries are dominant, representing 92% of industrial employment.

In Moi, NorDan is a cornerstone business producing windows and doors. Nearby is AMS, a major player in industrial IT. Moi center hosts various businesses like “Moi Kjøtt” at Skåland guesthouse and Cecilies konditori and Pizzamani in the town center. Moens bjøllefabrikk manufactures the famous bells used in various sports events and also produces livestock tagging equipment. Lundheim Folk High School often organizes enjoyable activities for locals and visitors.

One of the country’s few remaining shoe factories, Eik Treskofabrikk, is located in Hovsherad. The largest employer in the village is Eik Teleport, a satellite communications earth station established in 1976 to support offshore platforms in the North Sea. The station, now operated by Marlink, continually tests new satellite communication equipment. Agriculture, retail, and the picturesque Haugland Farm & Garden are other main industries in the area.

In Ualand, Ollestad Kjøtt preserves old craftsmanship traditions alongside innovative meat processing techniques. An easily recognizable presence along the E39 highway is Vartdal Plast.

Moi Center

On the south side of E39 lies Stasjonsveien, which features a railway station and bus terminal. Here you’ll find Lundetun cultural center, a bakery, a pizzeria, a library, and specialty stores. Additionally, there are residential areas located here.

Moi boasts a primary and secondary school, a kindergarten, a church, and sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities. The sports facilities include a newer swimming pool with a therapy pool, squash courts, and a fitness center. Moreover, there’s a large complex nearby offering outdoor and indoor activities.

Lundevatnet is situated close to the center, providing opportunities for swimming and fishing. It’s also near the town center where you’ll find grocery stores, and it offers convenient bus and train connections.

Moi – Haukland:

Haukland is the residential area situated on the north side of E39. Here, you’re within close proximity to grocery stores and the town center. Schools, a kindergarten, and excellent sports facilities are all within walking distance from Haukland. Additionally, there are large playgrounds and sports fields as well as scenic hiking areas nearby.

Many of the homes in Haukland boast beautiful views overlooking Lundsvatnet.

Nygård Elementary School is located just outside Moi Center. The school accommodates students from 1st to 7th grade and was last upgraded in 2021. The junior high school is also located nearby.

Lund municipality features a fantastic swimming and activity hall. The facility includes multiple pools, squash courts, and a fitness center offering various activities. You can find this facility at Nygårdsveien 6 in Moi.

moi – Lundestranda:

Lundestranden is located approximately 2 km from Moi Center. From here, there’s a safe and pleasant walking and cycling path to the elementary and junior high schools, kindergarten, soccer field, sports hall, and swimming pool.

At Lundestranden, you’ll find a public beach volleyball court and a charming bathing area with a dock. Additionally, a beautiful green area with a beach promenade and boat harbor has been developed here, offering opportunities for activities like frisbee golf.

Lund municipality features an impressive swimming and activity hall at Nygårdsveien 6 in Moi. The facility includes a 25-meter swimming pool (27 °C), a therapy pool (35 °C), a hot tub (38 °C), squash courts, and a fitness center offering various activities.



Haugland gård & hage. Vi ser noen av de mange blomstene de har i besøkshagen og en liten hagestue i bakkant.

Hovsherad features an elementary school and kindergarten. Kiellands Minde School is situated in the small village center of Eik, serving students from 1st to 7th grade. The school complex includes an indoor shooting range, a soccer field, and a gymnasium. It is located 10 km from the municipal center of Moi.

• Caroline and Hans Arne’s experience in Hovsherad is described in the image. (article in Norwegian)

In addition to the school, Eik also has a grocery store and sports facilities associated with Hovsherad IL, the local sports club. The village center is located by Storåna, two kilometers north of Hovsvatnet. Hovsherad boasts numerous beautiful hiking areas and offers excellent swimming and fishing opportunities. In the summer, visitors can explore marked hiking trails for short or longer hikes, while in winter, there are illuminated ski trails and a nice sledding hill.

In Hovsherad, you’ll find the Eik ground station for satellite communication, operated by Marlink


In the northwestern part of Lund municipality lies Heskestad. There is a grocery store, school, and kindergarten in Ualand. Heskestad skule is an elementary school catering to students from 1st to 7th grade. The old school building in Heskestad has been transformed into a dedicated cultural center used for various concerts and activities throughout the year.

The area boasts beautiful hiking terrain in both summer and winter, including a large illuminated ski trail offering diverse hiking opportunities. Nearby destinations include Røverhålå, Mysinghålå, and Gyaaksla. Ski trails are prepared in Ualand when there is snow.

The Sokndalsvassdraget river flows through the village. Heskestad also has its own church, Heskestad kyrkje, a wooden long church dating back to 1904, along with a medieval cemetery. Heskestad station is a railway station on the Sørland Line.

Ualand features its own campground, Legå camping, offering a beach, boat rentals, floating dock, soccer field, playground, volleyball court, and many scenic hiking areas nearby. Fishing opportunities are available in Bilstadvatnet (fishing permits are sold at the campground).



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