Residential Areas in Sokndal

Southwest of Egersund you’ll find Sokndal municipality. In Sokndal, the focus is on quality of life, identity, and hospitality. Sokndal was the first municipality in the Nordic region to join Cittaslow, an international movement that started in Italy in 1999. The idea is to slow down the pace, prioritize quality of life, and embrace the good life.



In Sokndal, they have buried the Law of Jante, have their own Love Week, and focus on the simple things in life. Here, there are no tourists – only guests!

There’s a new and modern playground and skatepark in the center. Sports facilities include soccer fields, a tennis court, a disc golf course, sand volleyball, a ball court, a sports hall, and climbing frames. The area also offers excellent fishing opportunities in the sea and in the Sokna salmon river. Golf enthusiasts have easy access to the Sogndalstrand golf course at Kjelland.

Sokndal features coastal culture, protected wooden houses, salmon rivers, inland lakes, sea, marked hiking trails in stunning nature, and fascinating ancient sites such as “Rosslandguden”, dating back to the Iron Age.

The Jøssingfjord Science Museum is located in Sokndal and is currently under construction. Its themes will include nature, people, and technology. Recently opened is the country’s most complete motorsport center, Motorcenter Norway.

The mining company Titania is the municipality’s cornerstone business with around 240 employees. It operates the world’s largest ilmenite ore deposit through open-pit mining. Sokndal also has a diverse business sector with numerous smaller enterprises.

Hauge i Dalane, “Haua”

The park in Sokndal. Photo: UNESCO2030/Nils Jakobsen

Most people in Sokndal live in the urban settlement of Hauge i Dalane, which is also the administrative center of the municipality. Hauge i Dalane is commonly referred to as “Haua.” Here, you’ll find a mix of older and newer homes. There are available residential plots in Øyno for those looking to build.

There’s a rich selection of shops, a post office in a store, service businesses, a cafeteria, an information office at the Soknatun municipal building, and more. There’s a lovely park and playground in the center where you can relax and take it easy. In Hauge center, you’ll find proximity to schools, a kindergarten, sports facilities, and nice hiking areas. Linepollen is a popular freshwater bathing spot with grassy areas, a sand volleyball court, and restrooms.

There’s a commuter parking lot with electric vehicle charging stations near the v/YX gas station.


Sogndalsstrand, “Stranno”

On the way to Sogndalstrand. Photo: UNESCO2030/Olivia Vestbøstad Støle

Sogndalsstrand, or Stranno as it’s called locally, is situated at the mouth of the Sokno River and boasts a natural harbor with a breakwater that provides excellent protection from the sometimes harsh coastal weather.

Here you’ll find a popular cultural hotel, café, pub, gallery, golf course, country store, outdoor amphitheater, sculpture pier, sea rafting, and a fishing museum.

Sogndalsstrand is a protected coastal gem and a frequently visited destination in Rogaland. The area offers several bathing spots along the fjord, as well as beautiful and varied hiking areas that provide excellent recreation year-round. The municipality has developed a wide range of marked hiking trails for visitors to enjoy.


Lille Presteskjær lighthouse. Photo: UNESCO2030/Olivia Vestbøstad Støle

Rekefjord is a coastal settlement located between Sogndalsstrand and Nesvåg. It’s approximately 2 km from the center of Hauge, where you’ll find shopping, schools, a kindergarten, and sports facilities.

Rekefjord features historic wooden houses from the time when the area was the seat of influential families in the coastal trading post. The village was home to shrimp factories, fish reception centers, a port of call for the Coastal Route ships, and the shipping of ore from Blåfjell Mines, among other activities. The old Customs House has been restored and is owned by Sokndal Bygdetun (local heritage museum). At the entrance to Rekefjord lies the Lille Presteskjær Lighthouse, built in 1895.

There are numerous hiking trails with beautiful viewpoints overlooking the sea in the area surrounding Rekefjord.


Nesvåghålo. Photo: UNESCO2030/Olivia Vestbøstad Støle

Nesvåg is situated right by the open sea and is an old fishing village with a row of protected seaside houses.

In Nesvåg, you’ll find the Nesvaag Sea and Motor Museum featuring old, restored boat engines. The MS Sjødis is also available here, which is a certified fishing boat for 12 people used for fishing and sea tours. Rowboats are also available for rental.

Nearby areas include Vatland and Berglyd.



Åna-Sira. Photo: UNESCO2030/Balder Leidland

Åna-Sira is located on the border between Flekkefjord and Sokndal municipalities, as well as between Rogaland and Vest-Agder counties. The river divides the village into two parts. It is an old fishing village that features a church, shrimp factory, and a power station.

Joker Åna-Sira is the local convenience store owned by the villagers. The store also includes a gas station and electric vehicle charging station. Additionally, the store serves as a tourist information center. There are excellent fishing opportunities in the salmon river, and Hammerhølen provides a bathing area and frisbee activities.

The Brufjell caves, located on the Flekkefjord side of Åna-Sira, are a popular and spectacular attraction.

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