School and kindergarten

Egersund region has a varied kindergarten and school offering.


The Egersund region has a varied kindergarten offering represented by several municipal and private kindergartens. The kindergartens provide different options regarding choice of days, opening hours, educational focus areas, and conditions.


There are several primary schools and secondary schools to choose from in the Egersund region.

Dalane Upper Secondary School

Dalane Upper Secondary School lays the foundation for the future in Dalane. At Dalane Upper Secondary School, over 130 staff members work to provide nearly 800 students with a wide and quality educational offering. The regional school offers a broad range of subjects within both vocational and academic tracks, its own education center, online schooling, international collaboration, and innovative educational offerings.

The website of Dalane Upper Secondary School.

View all educational offerings in Dalane VGS here.

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