Residential areas in Eigersund

Are you looking for a place to live? There are many residental areas to choose from, whether you prefer to live centrally or in a rural setting. The Egersund region offers favorable housing prices compared to larger cities.


Leidlandshagen. 4 hus i rekke.

Photo: Hellvik house

Eigerøy is beautifully situated outside Egersund and is almost divided in two by the large bay of Lundarvika. The island is characterized by numerous smaller coves, islets, and islands that create a coastal archipelago feel.

There are homes from various time periods on Eigerøy, with continuous development from the 1970s to the present. Schools, daycare facilities, sports facilities, and shops are located in close proximity. There is significant development in the Leidlandshagen area. A pedestrian and bike path connects the residential area, providing a short and car-free route to daycare and school.

On Eigerøy, there is easy access to attractions such as Eigerøy Lighthouse, Seksarvik, Skadbergsanden Beach, and the outdoor recreation area of Auglend.


oversiktsbilde over Lagård boligområde

Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Established residential area in a nice location. It is within walking distance to schools at all levels, kindergartens, tennis court, padel court, and football hall. A new swimming hall is under construction. Additionally, an activity center for individuals with disabilities is being built. Close to Grøne Bråden primary school, Lagård lower secondary school, and Dalane Upper Secondary School.

Stavanger University Hospital has its own department in Egersund, located in Lagård as well. The emergency room is in the same building.

There are great hiking opportunities in the area and good swimming spots in the freshwater lakes Langevann and Lille Langevann.

Near the residential areas of Lagård and Langevann, a new development area called Egrefjellet is being planned.


oversiktsbilde av langevann boligområde

Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Close proximity to Lagård. The development of the area began just before 2000 and has been ongoing since. Near Grøne Bråden primary school, Lagård lower secondary school, and Dalane Upper Secondary School.

There are great hiking opportunities in the area, including Lifjell which has a climbing area. Lifjell is idyllically located overlooking Langevatnet in Egersund. Here you’ll find routes suitable for beginners, children, as well as intermediate and more challenging routes for experienced climbers. Lifjell is easily accessible with a short distance from the parking lot, and the view from the top is spectacular.

Near the residential areas of Lagård and Langevann, a new development area called Egrefjellet is being planned.




oversiktsbilde fra havsøy

Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Hafsøy is an island formed by two river courses originating from Slettebøvatnet: Eieåne and Lundeåne, which flow into Vågen. Nearby, you’ll find a train station, several schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, a gym, and shops. Living here means being within walking distance of almost everything. It’s a short distance to nature experiences like the illuminated ski trails and bathing spots at Vannbassengane, Hestvad Bridge, the city beach in Elveparken, the railway, and the picturesque Egersund city. Kråkefjellet is located on Hafsøy, offering a fantastic view of the city.

The residential area consists of well-established housing estates, several newer houses, and planned new developments like Hafsøyhagen.



Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Centrally located” is the keyword for describing Husabø, known for its excellent living environment. Here, you live in safe surroundings, tucked away in a quiet area but just a few minutes’ walk from the lively city center of Egersund. There’s proximity to schools, kindergartens, sports facilities, and great hiking areas, as well as good bus connections.

Near Husabø school and Husabø lower secondary school, Egersundshallen (sports hall), and Idrettsparken (sports park). Husabø school is the largest primary school (grades 1-7) in Eigersund municipality, and a new lower secondary school is under construction.

Husabø is also the closest neighbor to Egersund’s landmark, Varberg.


oversiktsbilde over Hestnes boligområde

Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Hestnes is an area located 4 km south of Egersund center, on the way towards Sokndal. In recent years, many new detached and semi-detached houses have been established in the area, alongside some older buildings. The municipality has developed infrastructure for a new residential area that extends towards Rundevoll, eventually connecting from Hestnes kindergarten all the way up to Rundevoll school.

Hestnes is a great place to grow up with both forests and the sea right in the neighborhood. It’s a short distance to daycare, school, and recreational activities. A new fantastic playground has also been installed to challenge and delight the little ones. If you choose to leave your car behind, you can safely bike to the city, work, and school on dedicated bike paths. The distances are short to shops in Årstaddalen or Egersund center, where you’ll find everything you need for body and soul in charming surroundings.

If you enjoy boating and are looking for a boat berth or boathouse in Lygrefjorden, there are opportunities available.


Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Hellvik is a settlement located approximately 14 km from the center of Egersund. The train station makes it convenient for those who wish to travel by public transport to Egersund or towards Stavanger. Situated right by the sea, Hellvik boasts a beautiful boat harbor. There are great opportunities for owning a boat berth, and excellent fishing awaits just beyond the harbor in the open sea. Via the coastal sailing route, you can reach Egersund in less than an hour.

The settlement is an active community with its own sports club, primary school, kindergarten, and many active associations and clubs for all age groups. Hellvik also features its own golf course at Maurholen and numerous bathing spots in both saltwater and freshwater.”


Foto: Arne Ove Østebrøt

Live rurally, yet centrally. This place is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts interested in hiking in the mountains, swimming, or fishing. Helleland is located approximately 15 km from Egersund center, with the E39 passing through the village.

Helleland includes areas such as Folhammaren, Svålestad, Strømstad, Birkeland, Dybing, Årrestad, Løvold, and the building area Skjerpe. Helleland features a primary school (grades 1-7), a store, café, gas station, and sports facilities.

In Helleland, you’ll find several traces from World War II, including Mysinghålå.

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