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Living in the Egersund Region

There are many good reasons to settle in the Egersund region. Here, you can live centrally in the city or more rurally.

Egersund is a coastal town with many unique housing opportunities.

In the Egersund region, you’ll find short distances to both the city and nature.

There are many different types of housing and residential areas in the region – whether you want to live urban or traditional. Egersund city center and its surrounding areas mainly consist of houses from the 19th and early 20th centuries. In the Egersund region, you’ll find a variety of options, from family-friendly neighborhoods to more urban housing developments, where you can choose between traditional and modern homes, apartments, and townhouses.
It’s easy to settle into the city with excellent sports, leisure, and cultural offerings. The Egersund region offers many interesting and exciting activities for both adults and children. Distances are short, whether you’re cycling or walking to the city center. There are also good bus and train connections in and out of Egersund.

Welcome to the wooden house city, the cultural city, the summer city, the Christmas city, the fishing city, and the charming small town. For more detailed information about housing areas in Egersund, you can find it here.

Surrounding Egersund are the municipalities of Bjerkreim, Lund, and Sokndal.

Old wooden houses in downtown Egersund.

Modern homes with great views.



Lund municipality and the village of Moi are situated between Stavanger and Kristiansand. Both the E39 highway and the Sørlandsbanen railway pass through the municipality.

Lund municipality is a cozy, small community with a fantastic location for nature enthusiasts year-round. If you enjoy skiing, Sætra is just a few minutes away with good snow conditions when temperatures allow. The nearest ski resort, Bjørnestad skisenter, is also not far. Lund is home to several small, unique businesses as well as larger industrial enterprises.

For more detailed information about Lund and the residential areas in Moi and the villages of Hovsherad, Heskestad, and Ualand, we have gathered additional information here.

fargerike husk langs elven i sogndalstrand


Southwest of Egersund, you’ll find Sokndal municipality. Most residents of Sokndal live in the village of Hauge i Dalane, which is also the administrative center of the municipality. In Hauge center, you’ll find proximity to schools, daycare, sports facilities, and beautiful hiking areas.

Here, you’ll discover the country’s most comprehensive motorsport center, coastal culture, protected wooden house settlements, salmon rivers, inland lakes, a popular cultural hotel, gallery, golf course, sea, fishing museum, marked hiking trails in a fantastic natural setting, and intriguing ancient monuments like the Rosslandsguden, dating back to the early Iron Age.

For more specific details about the village that has buried the Law of Jante, you can find them here.


Northeast of Egersund, you’ll find Bjerkreim municipality. The municipality has two urban centers, Vikeså and Bjerkreim. Vikeså serves as the administrative center of the municipality. Vikeså is centrally located along E39 with easy access to bus connections, schools, daycare, sports facilities, shops, and gas stations. From Vikeså, you’re just a short drive from the large industrial park Skurve and half an hour away from Sandnes.

There are many outdoor activities available in Bjerkreim with marked trails, catering to those interested in training and running or families looking to enjoy nature at a shelter. Bjerkreim boasts a rich and varied natural environment, including one of the best salmon rivers in the country. The municipality also offers a selection of shops and service businesses, showcasing various local products from exciting producers.
Bjerkreim is a significant wind power and agricultural municipality. The community supports a diverse economy with several companies in construction, production, and various industries.

For more details about one of the largest municipalities in Rogaland in terms of area, you can find further information here.


Many opportunities

In the Egersund region, you have the opportunity to experience coast, town, forest, and mountains – all in one day. Warm welcome!

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