Business in the Egersund region

In the Egersund region, there are several thousand registered businesses and enterprises. With a thriving business community, there are many opportunities for those seeking exciting employment.

The Egersund region is growing and has a diverse business environment across most industries. The maritime industry is one of the largest sectors, but fishing still plays a significant role in the region. Egersund has one of the largest fishing ports in terms of landed quantity.

There are several exciting job opportunities in industries such as IT, healthcare, the service sector, finance, industry and manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, data and technology, logistics, and sales.

There are many jobs in shops, restaurants, and cafes in downtown Egersund, as well as in industrial and craft businesses around the city.

In the Egersund region, there are many positions in the public sector. There are also good opportunities for summer jobs and apprenticeships.

On Eigerøy, there are several large companies that are important for the business community in the Egersund region. There are many job opportunities here.

Maritime cluster with world-leading actors

Madness, many said when Thorleif Robertson started producing radios in Egersund in 1946. The pessimists were wrong. Thorleif Robertson’s pioneering work laid the foundation for an industrial adventure. In Egersund, there is now a high-tech, maritime cluster that is unique in Norway and leading internationally.

The maritime cluster in Egersund consists of about a dozen companies with a total of around 200 locally employed workers. Together, the companies have a turnover of one billion Norwegian kroner.

The maritime cluster in Eigersund is in need of more employees. IT professionals/software developers and maritime expertise are in demand.

Municipalities are the glue in society

The largest employers in the Egersund region are the municipalities themselves. Eigersund, Sokndal, Bjerkreim, and Lund municipalities provide services in areas such as education, health, transportation/technical tasks, culture, and leisure.

The municipalities are working to create new and secure existing jobs. All municipalities offer startup assistance to those who want to establish a new business.

Egersund Group is an international company within the maritime industry and technology.

Egersund Energy Hub is a key player in renewable energy.

Maritime industry – receives 890 tons of fish per day

The harbor’s favorable location and proximity to rich fishing grounds have made Egersund a significant fishing town for several hundred years. History tells of many years of herring adventures. 1840 was one such year. That year, 39,000 barrels of herring were exported to Sweden and Baltic countries.

With five fish reception facilities and top-quality service companies for the fishing fleet, Egersund is today one of the country’s largest, most important, and best fishing ports. The port has a total quay length of 4,500 meters, with depths ranging from six to nine meters. This includes three roll-on/roll-off docks. Egersund port is normally ice-free throughout the winter and has no tidal differences.

One of the country’s largest wind power regions

In just a few years, Eigersund has gone from importing power to cover the electricity consumption in the municipality to becoming a major exporter. The production from the 40 wind turbines in the Eigersund wind farm corresponds to the consumption of 25,000 households. In the wind farms, which are wholly or partly located in the Egersund region, there are a total of 189 wind turbines. They account for nearly one-fifth of wind power production in Norway.

Egersund Energy Hub is part of the Egersund Business Park Langholmen, strategically located on the mainland side of Egersund harbor. In collaboration with Dalane Upper Secondary School, they offer Norway’s only educational program for wind technicians.

They facilitate close collaboration with research and development actors by providing facilities and a competence environment for universities and colleges, as well as other research and development-related activities related to renewable energy and green technology.

vindmølle med naturlandskap
vindmølle med naturlandskap

Egersund has one of the country’s best-preserved, colorful, wooden house settlements. (Photo: Arne Ove Østebrøt)

The production from the 40 wind turbines in the Eigersund wind farm corresponds to the consumption of 25,000 households. (Photo: Arne Ove Østebrøt)

The trading city of Egersund on the offensive

A variety of shops, many excellent eateries, and a cozy city center contribute to making Egersund an attractive city to live in and visit.

Specialty shops and friendly service are highlighted when travelers explain why they come to Egersund to shop. The trading city of Egersund is constantly evolving, and several industries have turned trade leakage into growth. With reputable car dealerships, Egersund attracts car buyers from a large district.

Strong and diverse industrial environment

The industry is strong in the Egersund region with a variety of small and large companies. Several of these companies are well-known and leading players in the international markets they operate in. Some of today’s major companies started from scratch and have had a development that exceeds dreams.

The cornerstone company Aker Solutions Egersund engages in mechanical fabrication for the energy and offshore industry. The company is a world leader in subsea installations and is internationally recognized for its deliveries of modules to oil platforms. Order intake is historically strong. The company has order backlogs for several years.

The Egersund region is one of the largest stone and mining regions in Norway. Extensive surveys and mapping of minerals are currently underway with the aim of new mining operations. The results so far are very positive. It is estimated that the mineral resources, as they are located in the surveyed areas, have a value of many hundreds of billions of Norwegian kroner.

jente klapper ku
aker solutions egersund sett fra sjøen i 2018

At the autumn market in Egersund, one could get close to various animals from the Egersund region. (Photo: Arne Ove Østebrøt)

Aker Solutions Egersund is the cornerstone company in Eigersund municipality. (Photo: Arne Ove Østebrøt)

Agriculture is important in the Egersund region

Agriculture in the Egersund region contributes significantly to value creation and provides substantial employment both directly and indirectly. Bjerkreim is the largest agricultural municipality in the region, but agriculture is also important in Eigersund and the other municipalities. In the region, there are nearly 500 farms with livestock.

In 2021, milk production in Dalane equaled the annual consumption of around 342,000 people. Meat production has increased significantly in Dalane in recent years. In 2021, almost 9,000 tons were produced.

80 percent of farmers in Dalane are involved in sheep farming. Bjerkreim is the second largest sheep municipality in Norway. Eigersund is also among the country’s largest sheep municipalities. Sheep farming is of great importance for the maintenance of cultural landscapes.

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