Frakt av vindmøllekomponenter og opprusting av flyterigg hos Aker solutions

Our partners

Businesses and municipalities have joined forces to create new jobs and population growth through the Egersund region.

The Egersund region consists of multiple partners from various industries, contributing to increasing awareness of the available offerings and opportunities.


Our collective goal is to make the Egersund region an attractive place to work, live, and thrive. We cannot achieve this alone. We already face significant competition for labor. To ensure our region has sufficient workforce, we must participate in initiatives that attract people. Aker Solutions has recently secured new long-term contracts, and the project portfolio is substantial. We are currently recruiting new employees to strengthen our teams and prepare for future growth.

Roy Hovland og Ida Johansen

People & Organization, Aker Solutions

We will be a supportive partner who understands the area, the people, the opportunities, and the challenges—because we believe this is the best way to provide sound advice and contribute to progress. Both as a bank and as a community actor. We want to be the trusted local bank for even more people, for the entire region, extending beyond Flekkefjord. But we will always remain the local bank.

Heidi Nag Flikka

Bank Chief, Flekkefjord Sparebank


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Helene Holm
Project Manager / Digital Marketer

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